Tips for making homework less work for both kids and parents

(ARA) – Some parents are shocked when their first-grader comes home from school with homework. The reality is children are learning more at a younger age and take-home assignments are increasing. Parents play an important role in engaging children and providing a positive homework environment, but knowing what is best for kids can be as

How to market your online portfolio so it gets noticed

(ARA) – You have an online portfolio, but you aren’t sure if it’s working for you. Because a good online portfolio is an asset in a job search, it’s important to know how to get it in front of the right people. “There is no one, magic resource that will market your work and who

Moving made easy: Smart planning tips to save time and trouble

(ARA) – Moving comes with a mix of emotions that can be overwhelming. You may feel excited to live in a new home, but getting all your possessions moved can be stressful. The key to having a smooth move is staying organized and following a schedule similar to what the pros use. The first step

Easy tips to include more whole grains in your child's diet

(ARA) – Parents want the best nutrition for their children, but there is often a struggle between making healthy choices and pleasing children’s palates. Whole grains are critical for maintaining children’s health, but research shows most kids are eating far less than is recommended. The good news is that there are plenty of creative ways

Prep kids for school success with healthy lunches

(ARA) – As the new school year begins, parents have a lot on their minds – supplies to buy, extracurricular activities to plan, and, of course, preparing kids to be successful in the classroom. According to recent research, healthy lunches are an essential tool in a student’s ability to learn effectively. In fact, studies show

Protect your deck this winter

(ARA) – As the leaves start to change color, you may find yourself reminiscing about the hours of enjoyment spent outside on your deck. While warm weather gatherings and summer barbecues are a favorite pastime of the season, the combination of foot traffic, food spills and weather can take its toll on any deck. Before

Tips to save money for young professionals

As a young professional, you probably are adjusting to life in the “real world” including immersing yourself in the flow of the business environment, tackling corporate challenges left and right, and maybe even crossing your fingers that you’re making the right decisions. With your new independence, you may be looking for sensible financial practices to

Keep safety in mind while your children play this summer

Little trips to the park, playing in the neighborhood or just hanging upside down on the backyard swing set – all are signs that summer is here and school is out. Keeping your children safe while they’re playing is probably one of your top concerns this summer. So make sure you plan ahead to be

Smart preparation makes winter more enjoyable

(ARA) – The winter winds may be harsh, but those who live in snowy, cold climates know there is still charm to be found in the season. When you’re relaxing in front of a warm fire or enjoying a rich meal with a gathering of friends, it’s easy to forget the wintry weather just outside

Prepare a satisfying treat for any occasion

(ARA) – Whether it is a delicious dish to bring to the family feast or a tasty addition for your next Friday night dinner party, preparing the perfect treat for any occasion can be simple. Here are some ideas to spruce up that festive event menu or add a special touch to your afternoon snack.