Astronomers Make First Global Map of Saturn’s Moon, Titan

Astronomers have created the first complete full-color map of the surface of Saturn’s largest moon,Titan – a frozen place where liquid methane flows across a windswept landscape, and where scientists have found a surprising variety of Earth-like features. Scientists at the University of Nantes in France produced the map from images taken by NASA’s unmanned

Radio Essays Explore Technological Creativity

There are mechanisms in nature as well as in human endeavors like engineering and art. Since 1988, the creative manipulation of these mechanisms has been explored in short radio essays about the history of technology called “The Engines of Our Ingenuity.” The man behind the series is retired University of Houston engineering professor, John Lienhard,

Report: Secret US Government Order Targets WikiLeaks Volunteer

A U.S. news report says the U.S. government obtained a secret court order to force Google Inc. and a small Internet provider to hand over information from the e-mail accounts of a WikiLeaks volunteer. A report in The Wall Street Journal newspaper says the small Internet provider,, fought the order and lost, and was

Deafness ‘Cure’ is a Goal for Science

The New York Academy of Medicine recently (October 3) hosted a research summit sponsored by the Hearing Health Foundation to promote a cure for deafness caused by damaged hair cells in the ear.  An estimated 37 million Americans suffer some form of hearing loss, including a Broadway composer who is coping with profound deafness.

Afghan Taliban Evolves With Technology

Since the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan 10 years ago, the Taliban has kept pace with changing technology – using the latest forms of communication to spread their message. Some analysts say the insurgents are more effective at outreach than even the Afghan government.   The Taliban’s official website is multi-lingual, using Pashto, Dari, Arabic, Urdu

India Launches ‘World’s Cheapest’ Tablet

India hopes that the launch of what is being called “the world’s cheapest tablet computer” will help tens of thousands of low-income students connect to the digital world. The $45 device with a seven-inch color touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and two USB ports is meant to bridge the digital divide in a country where only three

Digital Memories Won’t Last Forever Without Tech Support

Tech geeks are divided over whether the new iPhone 4S was worth the wait. Whether you’re a fan or not, one thing is clear, smartphones and the memories they capture are here to stay. Or are they? Those digital photos, music and movies accumulated over the years may be more vulnerable to loss than you

World Reacts to Announcement of Steve Jobs Death

As news of Steve Jobs’ death spreads, many are sharing their feelings about the life and innovations of the Apple Computer co-founder.   From Washington, D.C., to Cupertino, and from Hong Kong to the Blogosphere, news that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away at age 56 came as a jolt, especially to Apple users like

NASA Contractor Shows New Technology

Despite the daunting debt problems faced by the U.S. government, many federal operations, including the Defense Department and the space agency, NASA, need the latest technology to carry out their missions.  That technology is developed and sold to the government by private contract companies like the Lockheed Martin corporation, which recently brought some of its

China Space Launch Sparks Nationalistic Speculations

China’s recent launch of an habitable space laboratory module has sparked a new round of speculations on forums dedicated to China’s military strength. Tiangong-1, which means Heaven Palace-1, was launched in China on September 29 at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. It is China’s first space lab module that has the capacity to carry humans.