Apple Fans Throng Stores for Newest iPhone

Shoppers camped out at stores in seven nations on Friday so they could be first to buy the newest version of Apple’s iPhone. Listen to VOA’s JulieAnn McKellogg’s report from London The “iPhone 4s” was developed under the guidance of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died last week after a long battle with cancer. The

Veggies Help Fight Genetic Heart Attack Risk

A new study finds that a diet high in fruits and vegetables can reduce the danger of heart disease among people at highest risk. Scientists found healthier eating can turn off the risk gene and mitigate the risk of heart attack. Researchers studied a large group of more than 27,000 people whose genetic makeup, or

Study: Vitamin D is Powerful Weapon Against TB

Vitamin D plays a critical role in fighting infection and now scientists say that it may be a powerful weapon against tuberculosis. In a study reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine, researchers studied how T-cells – a kind of white blood cell that fights infection – are especially effective against the bacteria that cause

G20 Ministers Gather in Paris to Address World Economy

Finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 leading economies are in Paris Friday and Saturday to find ways to strengthen the world’s ailing economy and staunch Europe’s financial crisis. Europe received one piece of good news this week as Slovakia became the last country to ratify expanding a key bailout fund for

Report: Africa in 50 Years Time

A new report says African countries could become a dominate force in global trade over the next 50 years. The African Development Bank says their economic future depends on taking advantage of innovation, new technologies and natural and human resources. Chief bank economist Mthuli Ncube says the report , Africa in 50 Years Time, is

Strike Threatens to Close Indonesian Gold, Copper Mine

Indonesia’s economy is flourishing, largely because of its vast natural resource wealth. But tensions between mining companies and the communities in which they operate have flared up across the country this year. Analysts say inequality and ongoing strikes in West Papua could cause the closure of the one of the largest gold and copper mines

Soft-Landing Prospects Ease Asian Market Woes

Banks and exporters led Asian stock markets lower Friday as uncertainty over the European economic situation continued. Asia awoke Friday to learn Standard and Poor’s had cut Spain’s long-term sovereign credit worthiness from AA to AA-. Fitch credit ratings agency also downgraded UBS’s issuer default rating from A+ to A, just weeks after the latest

Solar Products Becoming More Affordable for Developing World

It is the cleanest, most abundant energy source. But solar power faces the challenge of affordability and efficiency, especially if such systems are to be widely installed in the developing world. Progress is being made. Scores of Chinese companies are touting their latest solar electronic components and products at an international trade fair in Hong

Major Banks Downgraded by Fitch Rating

Concerns that governments are less likely to come to the rescue of financial institutions prompted Fitch credit ratings agency to downgrade its outlook for several major banks. Credit Suisse was placed on ratings watch, Morgan Stanley was placed on watch negative, UBS was downgraded to A from A-plus late Thursday as Fitch completed a review

Russia’s Putin Seeks to Upgrade Ties to China

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has chosen China for his first foreign trip after unveiling his political plan to rule Russia for the next decade. China has overtaken Germany to become Russia’s top trading partner.