Luke Bryan Sees Quick Success With ‘Tailgates and Tanlines’

Ten years ago, Luke Bryan moved to Nashville to pursue a career in Country music.  With the recent release of his third album, some critics believe Luke is destined to become the genre’s next big star. “Country Girl” was the first single from Luke Bryan’s new album, “Tailgates and Tanlines.”  The fastest-rising chart hit of

Iranian Art Sales Flourish Despite Financial Woes

The vibrancy of Iranian art and its current position in the world art market go under the gavel in the London auction rooms of Sotheby’s on Tuesday. The sale highlights a growing interest in Iran’s artists and how they have drawn upon various influences of lives spent away from their native land. Whereas uncertainty in

US Poet Laureate Captures Struggles of Working Class

America’s newest poet laureate is Detroit native Philip Levine, 83, who is known for capturing the poignancy and grit of a now-vanished industrial America, and the overall struggle of the working class. Levine sits in the living room of the Brooklyn apartment he shares with Frances, his wife of nearly 60 years. He’s published 16

Star-Studded Tribute Honors Michael Jackson; Grand Ole Opry Celebrates 86th Birthday

Star-Studded Tribute Concert Honors Michael Jackson October 8, the late Michael Jackson will be honored at “Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert.”  The show will take place in Cardiff, Wales.  Academy Award-winning actor and singer Jamie Foxx will host the event.  Performers include Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Leona Lewis, Smokey Robinson, British boy band JLS,

During Trial Testimony Paramedics Say Michael Jackson Was Lifeless, Doctor ‘Frantic’

Paramedics, who rushed to Michael Jackson’s rented mansion the day the singer died, say they arrived within five minutes of being called but that Jackson seemed to have been dead for some time.  They also say his doctor, who was at the home, was “frantic.” The testimony came Friday in Los Angeles during the involuntary

London’s African Diaspora Divided Over Future of Africa Center

The Africa Center in London has been a home away from home for the African diaspora for decades — a meeting place for high profile and historical events.  But the Center in Covent Garden is now causing a split in the local African community.   The African diaspora in London is as spread out as

Warhol’s Hidden Side Unveiled

American artist Andy Warhol is best known for his iconic images from popular culture. Images like his Campbell’s soup cans and portraits of famous people like movie star Marilyn Monroe and Chinese leader Mao Zedong. However, two new exhibits in Washington, D.C., showcase a side of the artist many may be unfamiliar with. “Warhol: Headlines,”

Istanbul International Film Festival Kicks Off

This week the city of Istanbul is hosting a ground-breaking international film festival. Called “Crime and Punishment,” it is focusing on military coups. Turkey is no stranger to coups with its military seizing power three times since 1960. Even though the army last took power in 1980, coups have remained a taboo subject. The opening

Picasso, Other Greats Created ‘Wearable Art’

Artists such as Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder and Robert Rauschenberg left behind works of art which are instantly recognizable: Picasso, whose portraits of his lovers merge profile and full face in a disjointed style; Calder with his giant mobiles; and Rauschenberg, famous in the West, with his huge combines made of every day materials and

Bucky, John Pizzarelli Share Mutual Love of Jazz on ‘Family Fugue’

Like father like son, or in the case of jazz guitarists Bucky and John Pizzarelli, like father and son. John Pizzarelli’s musical influences range from Nat “King” Cole to The Beatles, but his most enduring inspiration has been his father Bucky.  John once said, “His general love of music has made me appreciate everything I