Book Investigates Turbulent Life of US President’s Kenyan Father

A new book published in the United States investigates the turbulent life of the U.S. president’s Kenyan father, also named Barack Obama.  American author Sally Jacobs says even though the father and son spent very little time together, she found many similarities between them. The book is called The Other Barack. The subtitle is The

Book Chronicles Men’s Evolution from Bread-Winners to Bread-Bakers

With many mothers working outside the home, more fathers – such as New Yorker editor and cartoonist John Donohue – are cooking for their families. Donohue wanted to chronicle men’s role as bread-bakers, not just bread-winners. So he asked more than two dozen fathers, writers and chefs who take charge in the kitchen to contribute

New Harry Potter Website Announced, E-Books Out Soon

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has unveiled an interactive website featuring new material about her fictional young wizard.   The Harry Potter adventures will also be sold as e-books for the first time through the new website, which will appear at the end of July on a limited basis. Rowling told reporters in London Thursday

US Woman’s Afghan Experience Inspires Novel

“Farishta” means ‘angel’ in Dari, the widely spoken language in northern Afghanistan. It’s also the title of a novel by Patricia McArdle, a retired American diplomat who spent a year in Afghanistan. Over her 27-year career as a U.S. diplomat, McArdle served in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. But it was her last

New Generation Revolutionizes Environmental Activism

Environmental activists have relied on public pressure, boycotts and confrontation to advance their cause over the past few decades. Now, a new generation of eco-warriors is revolutionizing environmental activism. While traveling the globe campaigning against whaling, Emily Hunter met many innovative eco-warriors. “There are people like Jamie Henn who used the Internet with, to

Power Portraits Capture World Leaders

World leaders and heads of state are always in the public eye. We watch them on TV and see their photos in newspapers and magazines. But when New Yorker staff photographer Platon Antoniou – who uses just his first name professionally – embarked on a journey to capture images of world leaders, he wanted to

Beatles’ Business Model Inspires Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Business advice is available from many sources – books, workshops, the Internet but – the Beatles? Authors George Cassidy and Richard Courtney believe the Fab Four followed a classic business model on their way to success. For example, Cassidy says, in any enterprise, you have to be careful about picking your business partners. That’s what

Writer Takes Trans-Pacific Journey in New Novel

The writer Lisa See takes readers on a trans-Pacific journey in her latest novel, Dreams of Joy. The book is a sequel to See’s 2009 novel Shanghai Girls, which tells the story of two sisters, Pearl and May, who live through the turbulence of 1930s China and escape the Japanese invasion and occupation of Shanghai. 

Civil War Photographer’s Work Draws Belated Praise

Civil War photographers Mathew Brady and Alexander Gardner caused a sensation with their grisly pictures of corpse-strewn battlefields but it was a relatively unknown Vermont photographer who captured some of the most striking – though less sensational – images of the conflict. Daily life Traveling with Civil War troops, George Houghton managed to expertly capture

Company Founders Reveal Secrets of Success

The recent worldwide economic slowdown, plus some spectacular business failures and criminal scams, have made investors cautious. But every day, entrepreneurs still come up with new ideas that get funded, often with an infusion of money from speculative investors called “venture capitalists.” Studies show that two-thirds of new businesses fail and disappear within 10 years.