A History of Hillwood Square






Prepared by Christine Barrera and Tabitha Yothers

Members, Hillwood Square Mutual Association

©2008-2011 by Christine Barrera and Tabitha Yothers. All rights reserved.


Hillwood Square was built in 1942 as housing for war program workers during World War II as part of the Federal defense housing initiatives. Hillwood Square is located in the Falls Church part of Fairfax County just a few blocks west of what is now Seven Corners. The community is located on Cherry Street between Route 50 and Hillwood Avenue; the official address for the community is for the Community House at 2900 Cherry Street, Falls Church, Virginia 22042. (In 1942, the address for the Community House was 500 South Cherry Street in Falls Church.)

Designed by architect Arthur B. Heaton, the project was intended to be a permanent part of the larger community after World War II ended. Hillwood Square Mutual Association purchased the property on July 15, 1950, and now owns and operates the property as a non-profit housing cooperative, still called Hillwood Square.

A History of Hillwood Square

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