Original Contract Promised To Get $85 Million for Hillwood Square

$85 Million for Hillwood Square

Click to read the original contract that promised to get $85 million for Hillwood Square.

Archstone = Bad Deal

  • Archstone wants to buy your home at the bottom of the market.
  • You will then have to buy your next home while prices go up.
  • You lose money. You waste your time. You give up your success.

The Rich Get Richer

  • Archstone will get an $85 million property for only $38 million.
  • You agree to a low price now, but they won’t pay you until next year.
  • Archstone will make big profits. You will get no profits.

The Poor Get Poorer

  • The people selling Hillwood Square gave away your success to Archstone.
  • They sold your $85 million property for only $38 million.
  • Moving out will be one of the most stressful events in your life.

How To Get More Money

  • Don’t vote. Archstone will have to pay more money. They can afford it.
  • Archstone invested so much time and money so far, they will pay more.
  • This is a Presidential election year. Sell when the economy goes up.

If You Signed The Proxy

  • Cancel it. Tell them you need more money.
  • Vote No in person. This cancels the proxy.
  • Tell your friends and family to cancel any proxy they signed.

Visit HillwoodSquare.com

  • Read the original contract that says you own an $85 million property.
  • Don’t be confused by the Archstone contract. They win. You lose.
  • Don’t be a victim. You deserve a victory. Please call us at 703-677-8932.